“If one is to have a root canal, Dr. Helen Chiao and her assistant are the team to do it!  For two hours they followed a perfectly scored symphony of movement that was flawlessly performed with unerring care for my well being and comfort.”


“Great!  Nice!  Dr. Chiao takes her time to do it right.  Not in a hurry.”


“This was the first dental experience that I did not require anti-anxiety meds or nitrous gas.  It was done thoroughly and at a comfortable pace.  All of my questions were welcomed.”


“Dr. Chiao was gentle and empathetic with me.  She was professional with a great ‘bedside manner.”  A totally positive experience unlike my past experiences.  A pain-free experience!  Hurrah!”


“I value the time that was incorporated to do a thorough job in the successful outcome of the root canal.  I felt both Dr. Chiao and her assistant were extremely professional and consistently checked in with me to ensure my comfort level.  More importantly, patience was exercised and all of my questions were answered to my satisfaction.  Customer service is premium to me and they treated me as if I was truly valued.  Excellence is key!!  Thanks!”