Dr. Helen Chiao is a Hartsdale endodontist or a dentist who specializes in "root canal" endodontic diagnoses and treatments for patients in Westchester, New York and Fairfield County. Dr. Helen Chiao's goal is to provide you with the highest level of quality endodontic care and professionalism, with your comfort as our primary focus.  At Liberty Endodontics, located in Hartsdale, NY (just steps from the Hartsdale Train Station- Metro North; between Scarsdale and White Plains, north of Yonkers) Dr. Helen Chiao understands that endodontic dental treatment can be a daunting prospect for patients who need root canals.  Dr. Helen Chiao aims to provide root canal patients with a positive endodontic experience in a gentle, patient-centered, caring environment.  To that end, Dr. Chiao and her staff are committed to excellence in endodontic patient care, exceptional clinical skill and expert, up-to-date knowledge in diagnosis, treatment and prognosis.  It is with great pride that Dr. Helen Chiao and her team serve patients and the dental community in Westchester County, Fairfield County and the Greater New York Tri-State Region.

If you would like additional information regarding Dr. Helen Chiao's dental office limited to root canal and endodontics in Westchester County, Hartsdale, NY, please do not hesitate to contact us at (914) 713-4622.  Our office email is: office@libertyendodontics.com .  We will answer inquiries in a timely manner.


Up-to-Date    Patient-Focused    Quality-Centered

Thank you for choosing Liberty Endodontics, the office of Dr. Helen Chiao, in Westchester, NY as your endodontic care provider. The team at Liberty Endodontics is a high-caliber group that is enthusiastic about endodontics and providing quality patient care. We are a focused team that works hard to understand your individual endodontic need(s) and create a positive experience for you (even if you do end up needing a root canal). 


First and foremost, we believe that people should have their own healthy teeth for an entire life-time.  To support that belief, we subscribe to a program of preventive dental care.  It is our belief that the prevention of disease is more enjoyable, less costly, and more comfortable for all concerned.  So our goal is to help you achieve and maintain a healthy mouth as efficiently as possible.

Dr. Helen Chiao's endodontic office utilizes modern, state-of-the-art technology and high-quality materials to provide exceptional endodontic patient care in a clean, hygienic environment.  We are CPR and OSHA/WISHA certified, and compliant with CDC (Center for Disease Control) standards. We adhere to “Universal Precautions” when caring for our patients to optimize infection control.  To minimize cross-contamination and infectious disease, we use disposable one-time products and professional sterilization units that are regularly monitored for their efficacy.  Our operatory instrument and material set-up for our patients are individualized based on each patient’s endodontic-dental need(s).  We cater to provide the best possible endodontic experience and sophisticated materials for our patients.


The office of Dr. Helen Chiao, Liberty Endodontics, in Westchester County, NY is just steps from the Hartsdale Train Station (Metro North), and also offers free valet parking in the building. Our dental office specializes in root canal endodontic diagnoses and treatments, including highly specialized root canal surgeries. Dr. Helen Chiao, your premier Westchester endodontist, is known the world over for her commitment to excellence.

Our mission is simple: to treat you with respect and provide you with the finest endodontic treatment available, anywhere.

Our "make no compromises" philosophy places our practice in Westchester in the top tier of endodontic practices globally.

Our "quality first" emphasis has helped raise the bar in the Westchester New York dental community for quality endodontic dentistry and patient care.