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Payments are complicated. We've made them simple.

Introducing TDO Payments – easy, transparent payments from a partner you can trust.

TDO Payments, powered by Valpay, runs on one single platform with an integrated terminal to meet all your business needs.

Currently Available Features

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Full Integration with TDO

TDO Payments' modern terminals allow for seamless integration to TDO, thus eliminating manual entry and the reconciliation nightmare that follow. 

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In-house support from the TDO team you know and love!

Work with one in-house support
team that partners with you to
manage disputes or solve any
problem, big or small.

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Online portal to see transactions, deposits and fees

Log in from anywhere to track your business while on the go

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Transparent Rates

Whether flat or interchange+, say goodbye to hidden fees and confusing statements!

Choose TDO Payments for Precision That Pays.

Opting for TDO Payments, our integrated credit card processor, offers more than convenience—it ensures accuracy. Unlike external processors that often require manual double entry, TDO Payments seamlessly syncs transactions with TDO Software, directly updating your financial ledger. This integration eliminates the risk of errors associated with manual entries and saves significant administrative time. Even with many other alternatives, none can beat the accuracy and efficiency of TDO Payments.  This provides invaluable peace of mind and allow you to focus on patient care.